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Oleum Flumen releases a brand new technological mill which maximizes quality and respect for extra virgin olive oil.

Settled in Les Teixeres farm (Vinaixa), the new mill optimizes resources and allows having an impact in the preservation of extra virgin olive oil’s beneficial substances for our health.


Arp Catalonia SL, the company that manages ‘Oleum Flumen’, Acetum Flumen’ and ‘Uhmm…!’ brands releases a new olive oil mill in Les Teixeres farm (Vinaixa) with a 280sqm surface and a 460.000€ investment.

On the company’s 10th anniversary, the focalization on research and development that have marked company’s philosophy is consolidated. Thus, the new technological mill is the result of years of experience and the exploitation of current technologies.

The mill joins two vacuumed work phases. Most of the mill’s parts have been modified and new and rigorous control systems have been fitted in order to obtain, in each of them, an extraction mode that respects the olive oil at its maximum. The new equipment assimilates new working control methods, which allow having an impact in the preservation of extra virgin olive oil’s beneficial substances for our health, whilst guarantees the highest quality levels. Those parameters are measured by aromas, vitamins and its precursors: polyphenols and antioxidants.

During the last two seasons the technology of this new mill has been tested by the olive crops from Les Teixeres (80 hectares) and Plans de Montserrat (12 hectares). For the coming one, the mill will embrace the whole ARP Catalonia production with the aim of reaching the following benefits:

  • The focalization in researches about improved extraction models.
  • A more respectful work for people and environment.
  • The improvement of both procedure and the final product.
  • The increase of olive oil quality.
  • The increase of production efficiency.
  • A better and more rigorous control of citric grades.
  • A risk reduction.
  • The decrement of subproducts and waste substances production.
  • A smaller energetic consumption.
  • A smaller water consumption in cleaning processes.
  • A cost reduction in production and personnel.
  • An increase of efficiency.

The new technological mill will allow working with more guarantees and develop new research projects. Thus, the application of the obtained results is ensured with the aim to obtain more complex and higher quality products, while making profitable the investments made.


Ecology, quality and health

Oleum Flumen is a project that combines ecology, quality and health. The olive oil extraction by mechanical processes without chemical products allows the aroma preservation and avoids contaminations. In addition, the Slow Food paradigm “good, clean and fair” is followed, meanwhile ecology is linked with quality in the unique environment in which our farms interact with nature thanks to being surrounded by forest. The project demonstrates maximum energy sustainability due to having self-sufficient Systems by means of wind and solar energy.

Les Teixeres farm · N-240 Km 58 · 25440 Vinaixa- Les Garrigues- Lleida

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