“Les Teixeres” is a place where new technologies in machinery, processes and systems are not at odds with tradition. At Oleum Flumen there is a constant spirit of innovation that is intrinsic to the value of all its products. Over time, we have heavily invested in the research and development of new processes and equipment to facilitate the extraction of oil from the fruit with the objective of preserving its sensory qualities as well as those properties which benefit health.

The High-Tech Olive Press

The new oil press, with a surface area of 280m2 and an investment of €460,000, is a consolidation of the wager made through research and development which marked this business from the very beginning. The technology applied to this new press is fruit of experience and daily knowhow gathered over the years. It puts us at the forefront in the benefit of the innovation of an ancestral product: olive oil.

The press incorporates 2 phases of work and a vacuum pack bottling system. The main parts have been modified to be integrated and it has been equipped with new rigorous control systems. Each one of them has an oil extraction system, the most respectful possible.

This new machinery incorporates ways of work that have influence on the preservation of substances that contain olive oil and that benefit health, while guaranteeing  the highest levels of quality. These parameters are measured by aroma, vitamins, polyphenols and oxidants.

Other technological pluses

  • Search for better extraction models
  • More respect for people and the environment
  • Process and final product improvement
  • Improved quality of olive oil
  • More efficient production
  • Better and more rigorous control of critical points
  • Risk reduction
  • Fewer by products and residual substances
  • Less energy spent
  • Less water used in the cleaning process
  • Fewer production and personnel costs
  • Increased profitability

Other research topics

  • University Rovira I Virgili in Tarragona and Messer Carburos Metalicos  together investigated the viability of packaging EVOO in the format of Bag-in-a-Box (2009-2010)
  • With the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) the technology for the new olive press (2014-2015)
  • Private initiative has started an experimental investigation of olive by products for food purposes, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals (2015-2016)


Efficiency, energy saving and recycling

Our idea is to create, in Les Teixeres, a Catalan estate capable of living off of its own resources, in and with nature. The estate uses solar and wind energy to provide for all its energy needs. Residual water is recycled and rainwater is captured, stored and recycled.

Taking into account the energy consumption of private and work vehicles, we compensate for their carbon footprint with progressive and annual tree planting. On the one side, olives, but also fruit trees which offset atmospheric emissions.

Oleum Experience

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