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“OLEUM FLUMEN products are dreams that blossom and ripen over time”





ARP, S.L. is a company specialised in the management of production and trade of food products.
Our field of action is all that area where people would like to taste one of the most appreciated and valued products.

The different placements of our lands and the need of being in permanent contact with our clients make us stay near our head office: la Pobla de Cérvoles, where this idea of enterprise and this concept of product were born and developed.


The name


The name of the enterprise is a little homage to one of the most important artist of the world, Jean Arp, the predecessor of shapes.

The origin of our brand’s name OLEUM FLUMEN comes from the time when the Romans established the Iberian Peninsula. When they cross Ebro River and saw the olive trees fields, they called the region OLEUM FLUMEN, river of oil. 

We only trade with products of high quality. We have called the first series PREMIUM, and the second… You will be fully informed about that.

We have always thought that oil has had very good fellow travellers, but a very special one is vinegar. That is the reason why we have looked for a good vinegar, which we have called ACETUM. We have dressed this fellow traveller with herbs and garlic, which give it a special fragrance but does not transform its special taste.


The main objectives


  •  To maintain tradition and do things well done, to contribute to the necessary progress and to improve the quality of our products.• The will of achieving that every client and supplier be a friend of the enterprise.• To lead the sector of extra virgin oil of first quality, looking always for the best products and its different particularities.

    • To lead every communication aspect of the oil culture and its virtues.

    • The will of participating in the progress of society and the respect to the environm



Environment and social action are a commitment not only a worry. For this reason, we work with products that do not endanger environment, as a means of respect and return to the gratitude we have for the contribution of nature towards the performance of our enterprise.

We worry for the environment and for the people in this environment.

The groups of people which are called vulnerable worries us, and for that reason we look for collaborators that work with these collectives and which are able to incorporate part of their value to our organization.

» Download our 2011 Sustainability Report (In catalan)





ARP manages diferent lands, in different areas of Catalonia as Lleida, Priorat and Montserrat.

ARP works their lands according to the indications of CCPAE CT/1488/P. We’re organic producers.

We’ve 180 ha and 7 different varieties of olive oil, some of them are local: arbequina, vera, palomar, fulla de salze…


Arbequina type olive trees are surrounded by Mediterranean forest typical species: white pine, holm-oaks, thyme, rosemary and by the most characteristic crofts as almond trees and vineyards.

Les Teixeres (the main field in Vinaixa- Lleida) is surrounded by hills that shelter it from the hardest winter colds, keep it away from the fogs and maintain it fresh enough in the hottest summers.

Keeping in mind its permanent improvement, Les Teixeres has suffered a renovation: approach roads have been improved, trees have been replanted, irrigation systems have been incorporated, fire control systems have been installed…

Centennial olive trees areas have been respected and delimited in order to be taken care of its old age, to offer you a very special product: the centennial oil.





All our products OLEUM FLUMEN have their origin in lands worked an cared within the strictest quality controls. ARP, S.L. have a human team in charge of maintaining the lands, its products and the environment in good condition.

Our lands are worked, with the conscience that this is the first step to bear a fruit of the best quality. For this reason, we escape from aggressive and polluting treatments. We combine traditional systems with new methods and new technologies.

Our products are kept under control everyday. Direct management o fallow to follow systems and processes that guarantee the best quality of the products obtained onour fields.




You can find our products in the finest delicatessen shops in Barcelona and all over Catalonia and also online

You can try our products in many of the best restaurants in Catalonia


OLEUM FLUMEN’s core values


  1. Respect for the area in which each tree grows.
  2. A desire to prevent overproduction of the trees, watering them only when they suffer water stress. The concern here is to ensure quality rather than quantity and that the olives retain their full flavour and aroma.


  1. Harvesting the fruit at the perfect point of ripeness.


  1. Painstaking pruning techniques.


  1. Exhaustive control of the entire production process (traceability).



Traceability, OLEUM FLUMEN’s value-added


OLEUM FLUMEN guarantees the traceability of all its products. With this in mind the company maintains up-to-date information on all its oils and vinegars, from their source out in the field through to their packaging and marketing. By monitoring all our products right the way through the process we are able to guarantee quality and food safety at all times.


The olives are harvested using systems that do not damage the fruit and ensure it is picked in prime condition.

OLEUM FLUMEN selects the finest olives from the best trees to produce only the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.


Our stringent control procedures set OLEUM FLUMEN products apart from the rest in terms of both quality and originality. What is more they are also designed to protect the environment and to provide the consumer with an exclusive product – an olive oil with the quality expected of an extra virgin oil.




The range of OLEUM FLUMEN’s extra virgin olive oils is as follows:


–       PREMIUM

–       NINOU

–       DE FINCA (from a concrete zone)



A top quality 100% Arbequina olive oil.

From groves tended by expert hands and trees nurtured with painstaking care come fresh, healthy olives harvested only at the peak of ripeness.

The olives are then ground by mechanical crushers to produce a natural Arbequina olive oil.

The oil is selected in a tasting process that guarantees our customers receive a natural product with all its goodness, flavour and taste intact.

PREMIUM is an oil that is perfectly suited for use in both uncooked and cooked products. Its low acidity (0.1), and its specific characteristics in particular, make it a product that complements but does not alter original flavours.



A pleasant yellowy-green oil with greenish hints.

Its excellent mellow aroma is reminiscent of the healthy olives – green rather than ripe – from which the oil is made.

Rich and varied on the nose, with subtle aromas evoking apples, freshly cut grass, ripe, green almonds, banana skins and the fruit they conceal, garden vegetables such as tomatoes, artichokes, peas and green beans; not to mention walnut and the merest hint of aniseed.

Well structured in the mouth, sweet flavoured, yet slightly bitter and tart and a touch astringent; a blend in which the green fruit finds its niche.

In short, extraordinarily elegant with a long, lasting finish.


NINOU: 1,250 unique jewels


A top category extra virgin oil, pressed exclusively from different varieties of Arbequina.

Made from fresh olives hand picked only when ripe and packaged before the first chill winds of winter blow in.

This oil has been created to offer our customers something new and different, in other words a gastronomic jewel.

Its green fruit taste is the essence of a fruit that absorbs the aromas and flavours of a land and its olives, aromas and flavours that develop, over time, unusual characteristics that are often very difficult to achieve.

The result is natural olive oil in its purest state, an unfiltered oil that retains all its goodness and qualities so that you can savour its sheer richness and depth.



An intense green olive oil.

Its excellent, extremely intense mellow aroma is reminiscent of the early-campaign healthy, green olives it is made from.

Rich and varied on the nose, its subtle aromas conjure up apples, freshly cut green grass, bananas, tomatoes, green rather than ripe almonds, fennel, artichokes, walnuts, avocados and kiwi.


Powerful and well structured in the mouth, sweet flavoured, yet slightly bitter and tart; a blend in which the predominant greens of fruit and vegetables combine to perfection.


In short, its extraordinarily elegance and a long, lasting finish make this a captivating olive oil.


de FINCA. 


A superior quality olive oil, the Extra Virgin, a coupage of different olive varieties. Fresh olives exclusively collected  to elaborate this oil.

It is a selected oil that wants to offer our customers a difference, a high quality gastronomic product.

The green subtle flavour comes from the essence of a fruit that belongs to just one plantation.

The result is a natural oil, pure filtered, that keeps all the properties, characteristics and colours of a natural fruit juice.



Intense flavour, aromathic and fresh

Well structured in mouth, a bit sweet,

slightly bitter and spicy,

with a green predominance that comes from our typical Mediterranean fruits and vegetables: apple, green almond, tomato.

Its freshness reminds us subtle flour spring breeze, and different aromas, always green.

Little astringent notes evoke artichoke leave.

All together with harmony makes a great personality oil.


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