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The Hedonic Tasting

The development of culinary knowledge and skills in today’s society has determined the need and desire for food tastings/pairings.  We taste food for different reasons, not only for the simple fact of eating and enjoyment, but also in order to classify, organise, improve, judge, qualify and quantify.  It is for this reason that we have developed at Oleum Flumen our Hedonic Tasting. This is where we seek out the pleasure of a food or drink and extract its quintessential essence which is in contrast to an analytical tasting in order to identify dominant impressions, or a technical tasting which judges commercial qualities

Here at Oleum Flumen we offer our visitors a Hedonic Tasting where we walk together through different tastes and sensations: sweet, salty, spicy, hot, cold, visual and tactile. The sensory profile of EVOO triggers memories and wakes up delicious sensations.

Our tasting includes everything associated with olive oil and those products which complement and enhance the oil.

The olive is a living thing and for that reason we need to know how to take care of it and nurture it in the best way so it is always kept in its perfect organoleptic state.

The first part of this experience involves learning about:

  1. The olive tree
  2. The variety of olives
  3. Harvest time
  4. The environment
  5. The production process

You will see the importance of:

  1. Packaging
  2. Storage
  3. Light
  4. Temperature
  5. Movement
  6. Labelling

In the second part of the Hedonic Tasting we will sample various dishes where olive oil plays a fundamental role. This gastronomic journey reveals how the simplest of ingredients can create dishes of the finest category. Oils selected for this tasting are:

  • Oleum Flumen Premium
  • Oleum Flumen Ninou
  • Oleum Flumen De Finca
  • Oleum Flumen Planes de Montserrat

We will compare and contrast these different oils on the palate as well as on the plate. This activity allows us to reconnect with a basic traditional product: extra virgin olive oil.  Our Hedonic Tasting Experience will equip you with the knowledge and skills to select the perfect oil for any culinary situation.

Please make your booking in advance.

Languages spoken: Catalan, Spanish and English

Finca Les Teixeres · N-240 Km 58
25440 Vinaixa – Les Garrigues – Lleida

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Oleum Experience

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